Lua Documentation: Global Functions


Global Functions

Alpha (  color cfloat percent ) [return color]


Returns a color with the specified Alpha.

approach float current, float goal, float speed ) [return float]

Use this to make a current value approach a goal value at the given speed. Speed must not be negative. The value will not overshoot the goal.

When you see the error "approach: speed 1 is negative." it means that the speed value passed was negative. The 1 is there because approach and multiapproach use the same internal function and can be ignored when using approach.

ArbitrarySpeedMods [return LuaOptionRow]

This is the lua based Speed Mod system currently found in Themes/_fallback/03 customspeedmods.lua. Does not take any kind of parameters when inserted into a screen, as it grabs from preferences usually located in Advanced Options to set the margin of your selections when choosing a speed mod.


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